CURICYN Ear Cleansing Solution

CURICYN Ear Cleansing Solution

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Curicyn fast acting Ear Cleansing Solution is the Original Formula modified to make it more suitable for animal ear application. It is packaged in a 3 oz. twist open dropper bottle. The Curicyn Ear Cleansing Solution addresses bacteria at its source, helps reduce inflammation, cleans and helps relieve irritation associated with ear infections. Cleans and aids in the prevention of a variety of ear related issues in all animal species. Will not burn or sting when applied.
Recommended use:

  • Ear Cleanse/Wash
  • Ear irritations and/or Injuries
  • Ear Infections from Yeast or Mites
  • Ear Infections from Bacteria
  • Irritations Caused by Moisture

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